Hobbit Sting FX Sword leaves less work for your imagination


sting-fx-swordWhen you were a wee lad, what kind of toys did you have? Most of us who were not all that well off had to settle for some pieces of crayons and perhaps a few sheets of paper, while others had nothing but a cardboard box which could be turned into a spaceship, a pirate’s ship, or even a castle, and how about one of those Formula 1 race cars? In this day and age, imagination among kids seem to have died somewhat, as special effects has made watching movies a whole lot more passive. Lord of the Rings fans will find the $129.99 Hobbit Sting FX Sword something worth purchasing, where in the books (and movies), each time an orc is detected, Sting would start to glow to alert the wielder.

Well, with the Hobbit Sting FX Sword, you no longer need to pretend with a wooden sword that it glows when your neighbor’s kids are around, where all you need to do is twist the sword, and it will begin to glow. Of course, no Middle Earth magic is involved here, just a pair of good old AA batteries would get the job done. Don’t expect this to be a guaranteed way of detecting the presence of orcs, much less your boss!

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