The Helium Portable Speaker wants to last a lifetime


Helium Portable Speaker

While we don’t necessarily need to buy a new shiny gadget every year, we almost can’t help doing so. That saying of “things aren’t made like they used to be” holds true to an obnoxious degree. Our phones, speakers, monitors and more crap out after a few years, and if that’s not enough, they become seriously outdated within six months to a year after buying it. What if we could buy a product you only needed to purchase once?

Helium is a supercapacitor-powered portable speaker that looks classy, and can be changed to keep up with modern standards. How does using a supercapacitor make things different? First off, it can be charged over half a million times rather than a few hundred, and it will charge up in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Not only that, but it can keep going for six hours at full blast off of that charge. There are two different options, mono or stereo, but both offer 4” full-range drivers.

The cabinets are made of bamboo because that resource is highly renewable, and helps the acoustics. For all of you creative thinkers out there, this is open-source hardware. Purchasing one of these will cost you anywhere from $300-850 depending on your specifications. There is also a $5,000 custom project option that will let you design whatever you want with a Helium Speaker, have it come into being, and sent to your door. If only all gadgets and gizmos kept this kind of standard.

Available for crowdfunding on crowdsupply

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