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forever-pillowOne good thing about Kickstarter is this – it offers the inventor or creator of a particular idea the chance to see that very idea come to fruition in the real world, as long as enough like-minded people who have faith in it pool their resources together. Of course, we have seen our fair share of success stories in the past such as the Pebble smartwatch, but there were also those ideas that did not manage to meet the expected financial mark. The Forever Pillow is an idea that might just work after all. Nobody I know would want to refuse sleep without any legitimate reason, as there is nothing quite like the the ability to rest after a particularly long and difficult day at work. Well, the Forever Pillow comes in a soft, portable and stylish design that is certainly inviting enough for you to take a break anytime, anywhere!

The designer of the Forever Pillow have touted that it will feature a “design inspired by infinity”, being an exploration between the function, aesthetics and emotions. It will not arrive in a regular loop, but rather, in the shape of the Möbius strip. If you were to point your eyes closer to the Forever Pillow, it will resemble a never-ending surface, and it is exactly this infinity concept that inspired the creators to come up with a versatile pillow which can be used in endless possible ways, depending on how you twist and turn it.

It is extremely versatile and practical, being able to function as a desk pillow, back support, a scarf, eye mask, and keyboard rest among others. Use your creativity to figure out more ways and possible environments as well as situations where you are able to make use of it! Not only that, it will be made out of eco-friendly Bamboo fabric and 3M Thinsulate filling, making it naturally silky smooth, so that you will feel it is cool in the summer, and when winter falls, it will feel warm. There are six fashionable colors to choose from – Navy, Taupe, Off white, Apricot, Grey and Orange.

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