Hammerhead is a bicycle navigation system that will guide your peripheral

Hammerhead Navigation System
While a lot of navigation systems are helpful in that they guide us from point A to point B, they can also be annoying. They give us the same information over and over again, or right as we’re passing the exit we need. Gone are the days when we relied on a paper map. However, that doesn’t mean we should abandon our ability to pay attention to the road. Bicyclists have to have a pretty decent idea of where they’re going, but don’t have the luxury of safely using a GPS to tell them where to go.

Well, until now anyway. The Hammerhead is a bicycle navigation system that will direct cyclists through their peripheral via LED lights. You won’t need headphones, or have to keep glancing down at a GPS device or smartphone every few seconds either. It’s quite similar to the cues and signals that pilots and race car drivers receive. It’s very compact, and will clip onto the front of your bike.

It works in tandem with an app that will show you the fastest route, or you can choose a more difficult or lengthy path if you want a challenge. You can see where fellow bike riders have gone, and share secret routes on the app. It can show you turns, hazards, U-turns, warnings, arrivals, distance to your turn, destination, or top of the climb, and give you a sliding red dot compass for when you’re off-road. If all that wasn’t enough, it can also act as a light for night time rides. It’s only available for preorder at the moment, but should start shipping in June of next year.

Available for preorder on Hammerhead