Flip Out TV Mount makes your television disappear

Flip-Out TV Wall Mount
While having a TV in your room is nice, it’s always weird having it staring at you from the foot of your bed. It has a strange glow for a long time after you turn it off, and you can sometimes hear the electric fuzz if it’s on, but on a black screen. Of course, it also takes up space on top of a dresser or on the wall where pictures, art, or other valuables could go.

If you don’t have a giant armoire that can hold your television, then why not go for a stealthier model? The Flip-Out TV mount will not only keep your TV at the optimal viewing location, but it will also hide it in plain sight. This mounting system is meant for flat screen TVs that are 15-33”, and no thicker than around 4 inches.

There aren’t any motors or springs, so this should stand up to time fairly decently. The most annoying part would be pulling it out and putting it back every night. On the plus side, it would be exactly where you want it as it can be angled 40 inches away from the wall. This will cost you around $500, and doesn’t come with a TV. Best of all, this is also a picture frame on the opposite side, so it will look completely normal during the day. There are other options for a turn around mount as well, but this one will let you lay down and not have to move any pillows to see the screen.

Available for purchase on hvtvmounts