The Everything Chair is an inflatable surround sound entertainment hub

Inflatable Everything Chair
Whenever you sit down in front of the telly, it’s time to relax and soak in some games or your favorite show. Where you plant your rump meat has a decent amount of impact on your experience. Seeing that you’ll likely be in the same place for a few hours means you’ll want to be comfy cozy rather than readjusting every few minutes.

Needless to say, the living room furniture you buy is likely going to stick around for a while, so it should have everything you want. While the Everything Chair may seem like a good idea, I can’t say that I’m wholly behind it. This is an inflatable chair that has headrest speakers, a slot for magazines, a cup holder, and several pockets for your phone. Sounds great right?

If you’ve ever sat in an inflatable chair, you know it makes odd sounds quite often, and gets a tad hot. Of course, sitting on plastic when you’re warm makes you feel as though you decided to sit on fly paper. The speakers could likely be made into a surround sound system for your TV, but they probably won’t have the same punch as the speakers you’re currently using. There is a weight limit of 240 pounds, otherwise I assume you risk popping it or stretching out the plastic. It can be used outside, but the speakers likely wouldn’t do too well if they were left out in a rainstorm. While this $90 chair seems enticing, I would be wary of anything that came with a ‘puncture repair kit’.

Available on cgets, found via technabob