Kano is all-ages computer and coding kit


Kano Computer Kit
While we live in an age where technology is ever-changing, many people are being left in the dust. Computers are bought without much insight as to what’s in them, and people are hoping that sales representatives are steering them in the right direction. Everyone is taught from the top down, and is expected to figure things out on their own. There are plenty of books, classes, and programs that can walk you through what makes everything tick, but they’re not really fun, and are usually targeted to a specific age bracket.

It almost seems funny that the current generation of children know how to work technology better than their parents, but the big difference is that it wasn’t accessible to everyone when we were young. If you want to actually learn about computers, then Kano is an excellent first step. Rather than teaching you about how they work, this is a kit that will have you building one. It comes with an 8GB SD card, a DIY speaker, keyboard, custom case, Raspberry Pi Model B, HDMI and Mini USB cables, a smart power plug, and WiFi power-up.

Of course, there are manuals, but everything is presented in a way similar to storytelling. Once you get everything booted up, you’ll be able to learn about coding, and modify simple games. One full kit will cost you $99, or you can toss in $199, and get a kit for a child somewhere in the world. Seeing that this idea was prompted by a 7-year-old boy who wanted building a computer to be as easy and fun as LEGOs, I’d say this can be a great learning tool for anyone.

Available for crowdfunding through Kickstarter, found via Technabob

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