The Jet Capsule will launch out onto the ocean


We all dream of a perfect vacation. It may come in different climates and surroundings, but one thing is certain; we want to be in our own space on our own time schedule. If you have the money to travel, cruise ships and tours in a foreign country are great. However, if you have an obnoxious amount of money, you can buy your own boat and go wherever you’d like.

The Jet Capsule will launch you out into the great wilds of the ocean. Depending on your preferences, it can either be with a bunch of friends, or be your home for however long you choose. It’s not very large, measuring in at only 23 feet long with a maximum width of 13ft. While it may be spacious, you don’t want to cram more than 9 people on here.

There are 4 different layouts, ranging from an empty shell to a taxi or boat house. Of course, if you’re able to toss out extra money, I’m sure it could be made custom as pretty much anything. It can go up to around 57miles per hour, but probably looks like it could go into warp 1 if you’re in the drivers seat. You’ll be looking at over $250,000 if you’re interested (and crazy) enough. This would be a neat minimalistic home for those who would prefer to live on water, but I doubt it would stand up well to a storm.

Available for purchase on JetCapsule, found via Technabob


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