The NightSUP is a Light Up Paddleboard


There’s something calming about water. It’s like being wrapped in a hug that lasts just as long as you want it to. The only difference being that you come out of it a bit pruny. This planet is primarily covered in water, so it’s only natural that we like spending some time with it. Many people like to swim, others like to go kayaking, but some prefer to stand up and paddle away on a board.

If you’re more of a night owl, then it can be a little hard to see at times for this activity. The NightSUP is a light-up paddle board that will let you see all around you, and will make sure that others can see you too. In essence, it’s a board that been converted using a high-intensity LED kit. It’s glassed in for protection, and is connected to a rechargeable battery that is hiding in the deck hatch.

This will give you the same kind of experience that a glass-bottom boat would, as you can see underwater creatures doing their thing without disturbing them. If you don’t want to convert one of your boards or buy one as is for the $1799-2899 price range, you can always get the $249 kits that will let you put it together on your own. They do recommend that you get a professional to install it though, as you may just ruin a perfectly good board by thinking you can do it better, which will cost you more in the long run.

Available for purchase on precisionpaddleboards

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