Motrr ships Bluetooth-enabled Galileo robotic dock


mottrYou might not have heard of Motrr before, but they are the designers of the highly acclaimed Gorillapod camera tripods that have become popular, as these accessories would enable one to shoot photos from really extreme angles without having you to worry about the safety of your camera equipment. Well, this time around, we are pleased to announce that Motrr has started to ship the Bluetooth model of its popular Galileo robotic dock. This is one $149.95 robotic dock which will play nice with the latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, not to mention its predecessors of up to the iPhone 4S, and the fifth generation of the iPod touch. What one should take note of is this – the original 30-pin model actually picked up $702,427 in pledges when it was launched on Kickstarter last year, which happened to be over seven times the fundraising goal.

One of the first apps that have been created in order to integrate itself with the new Bluetooth model would be a remote-monitoring app that they call Airbeam, while the Presence app would also be able to play nice with the original 30-pin model. With the Bluetooth-enabled Galileo robotic dock, parents are now able to keep an eye on their kids even if they are in a different room, as well as having this function as some sort of security device to make sure that your home remains as it is, even when you are away from it for work or a holiday.

Since the mantra of “there’s an app for that” has become more or less something which is “normal”, it is also not surprising to find the $3.99 AirBeam app turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a real-time HD video and audio monitoring system when it is used in tandem with the Galileo system, of course. Heck, this is one time you would wish that the iPhone arrives with a larger screen size, especially when you consider how you can set up multiple Galileos to view multiple screens simultaneously.

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Brahmnoor Singh Says: January 2, 2014 at 8:12 am

Amazing pair of speakers, what about its cost ? Can you please let me know.

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