MeCam HD allows you to document life on the move


mecam-dragonYou know how it goes – life seems to be all too fleeting whenever you are having a good time, and when the bitter times arrive, it could end up feeling as though time has stopped, or is moving ever too slowly. Well, a certain Drew Martin thinks that there is a solution when it comes to documenting those fun moments in life without you having to actually make an effort and tape a video recorder to your forehead all the time. This is thanks to the MeCam, where it is touted to be a proprietary, mini hands-free wearable video camera. However, just like how all things end up being obsolete after a while, the MeCam, too, might have actually outlived its usefulness. This is why there is an improvement made to the MeCam, where the second generation is now known as the MeCam HD.

The MeCam HD will definitely be able to retain its extremely diminutive form factor, where it will tip the scales at a mere 2.5 ounces, while measuring a pocket friendly 2” × 2”. As its name suggests, the MeCam HD does more than just shooting in High Definition resolution, it is able to do so in Full HD – that would be 1080p for those of you who prefer to be more technical, capturing all of those moments of life in an impromptu manner thanks to its high-grade glass lens. Of course, I am quite sure that the name MeCam Full HD would not ring off the tongue as nicely as MeCam HD, so that’s that.

Each MeCam HD would arrive with a proprietary app that will hook up the device using Wi-Fi connectivity to any compatible smartphone or tablet. This would enable the user to view in real-time what they are recording, playback, and share content, all without the need to hook up to a computer. Apart from that, you can use it for video as well as photography purposes. What about movement, you ask? That is solved thanks to a 3-axis internal gyroscope which offers image stabilization whenever you are moving around. Some of the photo options include a simple one shot, three time burst options that allow you to capture a series of photos in quick succession, and three different time lapse options. The thing is, will the MeCam HD be able to meet its funding goal in time to become reality?

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