3D Clue Game adds a new dimension to a regular boardgame


3d-clue-gameHave you ever given the iconic detective game Clue a go in the past? If you have answered in the affirmative, but have not “revisited” it since, perhaps it is time to check it out all over again. Who knows, it might just rekindle your love for boardgames, don’t you think so? Except that since we are now well into the 21st century, having experienced a slew of different technological advancements even in the field of board games, why not bring some of these over to the $249.95 3D Clue Game? This is what Hammacher has done, where all nine rooms of the mortiferous mansion have somewhat sunken in a stately wooden cabinet.

It does not matter if you think that Professor Plum is the one who has committed the dastardly crime in the conservatory, or whether it is Colonel Mustard who stopped his victim’s clock in the billiard room, all players will move their pieces across the tempered glass playing surface, where you are also treated to a view down into the chambers where the crime could very well have happened. Apart from that, each room would feature gold-painted resin furniture, including the table and chairs in the dining room all the way to the butcher block in the kitchen. The lead pipe, candlestick and other suspect weaponry have been made out of metal, where they are then tucked into a faux leather storage case alongside other game essentials such as the cards, player notepads, dice, and die-cast metal, wood-topped playing pieces.

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