Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery unveiled for those who want something different in portable gaming


logitech-powershellThe name Logitech itself does invoke a sense of respect when it comes to computer peripherals, as this particular company has certainly come a long way from making functional mice as well as tiny speakers to accompany your computer. In fact, Logitech has also thrown itself into the gaming peripheral scene with a fair number of interesting efforts that are able to duke it out with the very best in the industry. The mobile scene, too, has changed its face over the years and have gotten a whole lot more complicated than the standard issue Game & Watch from Nintendo. This time around, Logitech has announced the new PowerShell Controller + Battery that offers a unique portable gaming perspective.

Of course, you would first need to own an iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, or iPod touch (5th generation) that runs on iOS 7, before you are able to enjoy the Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery. Basically, with Logitech’s latest offering, it will be able to transform your compatible iOS7 device into a pocket sized mobile console. Needless to say, there is one particular drawback for all portable consoles, and that would be a lack of battery life. You would be pleased to hear that the PowerShell Controller + Battery from Logitech would not be a vampire and sap juice from your device, but rather, it will have the ability to double your play time thanks to its on board battery.

This can be considered to be a first-of-its-kind mobile gaming console, where all you need to do is to insert your compatible iPhone or iPod touch into the controller just like how you would do with a standard issue case, and you are good to go. Expect to enjoy a familiar console experience with this puppy thanks to the inclusion of a D-pad, shoulder triggers and face buttons. Delivery of this bad boy is expected to happen next month.

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