What time is it now? It is happy hour time!


intoxicating-watchAre you one of those who tend to pay close attention to the clock at the office, making sure that you would get off from your desk the moment the clock strikes 5 so that you can be well on your way to the local watering hole? Perhaps you might have a drinking problem that you do not want to admit, or you simply love hanging out with your mates and your favorite pub where everyone there feels like family. Forget about one of those high end, expensive watches – all you need would be this unique watch that will inform you the moment it is time for Happy Hour.

After all, it would be extremely difficult to resist a tipple or two when it comes with a built-in bottle opener, don’t you think so? Of course, you can always settle for something like a beer can where there is no need for bottle openers, but hey – you would always want to be ready for any eventuality, don’t you think so? The very visible 5 o’clock indicator also tells you that it is time to clear the desk, and leave today’s worries for tomorrow’s workload. Expect this happy hour indicating watch to arrive in several designs, including the $79.99 Bottoms Up, the $124.99 Lightweight, and the $149.99 Ish, where all of them will feature a very large 5 o’clock.


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