Kanex Simple Dock will make Apple lovers happy


Kanex SimpleDock
There are tons of devices that are made to be accessories for other products. Oftentimes, they have a certain aesthetic that comes with them. They’re usually themed or made of plastic. Let’s say that you like to keep things as simple and clean-cut looking as possible. Be that the case, then you’re going to want your accessories to not only be minimalistic, but also be made of the same sort of materials your main devices are.

Apple products are pretty sleek, but there are times that they choose slimmer models over practicality. It’s no secret that people were miffed about the Macbook Pro no longer sporting a space for an ethernet port. While this isn’t normally a problem, the few times it is is a major nuisance. Enter in the Kanex Simple Dock. This will allow you to connect to a faster network if need be, charge your phone, and have a few extra USB ports.

There are 3 3.0 USB ports, one port for your iPhone, one for ethernet, and your Macbook. It’s made of same brushed metal zinc alloy that Apple uses for some of their laptops. It starts shipping in two days, and can be preordered for around $119. This is certainly one of those situational purchases that would only be validated if this is a constant problem you face. If that is your situation, then maybe you need a different laptop.

Available for preorder on Kanexlive, found via chipchick

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