Armillary Explorer Sundial Necklace – telling time in ye olden way


We rely pretty heavily on our gadgets and gizmos nowadays. There’s no need to remember anyone’s phone number, email address, actual address, or even how to read the face of a clock. Believe it or not, I’ve come across a few young ones who couldn’t, because they only knew of digital. We all know that times change, but it feels like it’s happening faster than we can keep up with. In response to that, there are those who are clinging to the past, just so the rest of us don’t forget what it was like.

Even further back, before the face of a clock existed, there were sun dials. The position of the sun let you know what time of day it was, and this would give you a more approximate answer. The Armillary Explorer Sundial Necklace may look like a fanciful pendant, but it will tell you the time if you know how to read it. Made of sterling silver and brass with a satin cord, this can be appreciated by those who love history, astronomy, or sailing.

To read it, “push the inner ring to be perpendicular to the outer ring, then turn the outer ring to line up the latitude with the tiny notch below the loop. Align the upper part of the bar to face north, and the shadow on the inner ring tells the time”. It would take some getting used to, but it would definitely be rather impressive if you can learn to read it fast enough. It will cost you around $88, and who knows, you may start a new trend!

Available on ThinkGeek

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