Remote Mailbox Sensor will let you know when your mail arrives


Remote Mailbox Sensor
While most of the time we check our mail passively, without much enthusiasm, there are occasions for us to excitedly swing open the mailbox door. It’s all too easy to board the hype train when you know a special letter or package is coming your way. Instead of pacing to and fro, why not let someone else worry about when the mail person arrives?

The Remote Mailbox Sensor is a way for you to know when your mailbox has anything in it, or when someone is taking the contents out. This is a wireless mail alert system that will chime every time your mailbox is open. It works from up to 300 feet away, and every time is sounds, a bright red LED will light up. There is a 12-volt battery included, but you will need to replace it from time to time over the years.

In all honesty, there are only a few situations where I can see this being useful, but hey, we all get excited about different things right? The only issue I have is that this $50 product seems to be before the age of smartphones. Nowadays, something like this would come with an app, as well as a proximity alarm to let you know if hooligans are trying to smash your mailbox. I can see someone like my grandmother enjoying this just so she doesn’t forget to check the mail, but aside from that, it seems a bit pricey for its capabilities.

Available on Amazon, found via bookofjoe

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