Practical Meter is ready to rock and roll after successful Kickstarter project


power-practicalHave you heard of Power Practical before? They happen to be a bunch of people (who are comprised of engineers, entrepreneurs, and outdoor enthusiasts) who are based in Salt Lake City, being the manufacturers of the PowerPot. That is not all that they have worked on in the past, however, as here we are with the announcement of the Practical Meter. Back in June this year, Power Practical introduced the Practical Meter as a Kickstarter project, hoping to raise the necessary amount of funds on the crowd funding platform, offering a $9,999 goal that they had to meet in a matter of 30 days. The good news was, 10,000 units were pre-sold to the tune of $167,820 throughout the entire month’s campaign, and it was a busy couple of months afterwards to make sure that the Practical Meter could be ready to be commercially released in time as promised.

We are pleased as punch to announce that the Practical Meter is now ready to ship to all of its original backers, and those who are interested in picking it up via retail channels will be able to do so for $24.99 a pop. First of all, just what the heck is the Practical Meter all about? It happens to be a USB-meter which is capable of offering actual, real time feedback that enables one to check out whether their device is charging at half or full speed. The LED meters will light up right before your very eyes, letting you know of the power emission which ranges from 1 to 10 watts, and it will be able to cover the entire range of smartphone and tablet charging.

The Practical Meter is useful by itself, since it would help eliminate the slow charge times which are normally part of PC, solar panel and third-party charger charging. The Practical Meter is said to cut down charge times by as much as 75% thanks to the included 3-in-1 fast charging cable, and it will play nice with iOS and Android devices, micro and mini USB connectors.

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