Porkfolio Wink-Enabled Piggy Bank makes saving money high tech

porkfolioI remember the saying from my grandparents, “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Well, the effects of inflation were probably not as pronounced back in the day, and a dollar could travel a whole lot further, too. Still, it is never too late to start saving up for a rainy day, and getting your young one started right from his or her early years is a good habit to inculcate. Perhaps you might need a push in the right direction with the correct modernized tool to keep up with the times, and Thinkgeek has got your back with the cleverly named $69.99 Porkfolio, a Wi-Fi enabled smart piggy bank.

Instead of coming in the form of a traditional porcelain porker that requires a hammer to open without letting you know on just how much money you have saved inside, the Porkfolio is a whole lot smarter than its ancestors. After all, most things with Internet connectivity tend to be on the brighter side, and the Porkfolio is one of them. It will be able to keep track of the existing balance, while letting you set financial goals as long as it remains connected. There is also a built-in accelerator that helps detect movement and/or theft, while it delivers positive reinforcement for savings as its nose will light up like Rudolph each time a U.S. coin is inserted. The Porkfolio has a maximum storage space of $100 worth of quarters, and is powered by a couple of AA batteries.