SLBLUE is a special smartphone breathalyzer


soberlink-sl2Do you feel like going out to town and paint the town red simply because you are feeling on top of the world, and would love to celebrate with your closest friends as well as family? Well, many a time, it might involve a fair bit of drinking down at the local watering hole after dinner, with some pub grub thrown into the mix for good. This would often mean you ought to have a designated driver even before you step foot out of the house, or to flag a cab right from the get go. Some folks, however, remain adamant that they are able to drive perfectly fine even though having drunk quite a fair amount of booze despite your warnings and advice. Perhaps they might ask you to prove it that they’re drunk. Never mind that they can still walk in a straight line – just whip out the SLBLUE SL2, a second generation smartphone breathalyzer.

The SLBLUE SL2 will continue from where the SL1 left off, although you can be sure that it will continue to carry the mantle of its predecessor, albeit with a greater degree of aplomb this time around. The SL2 will arrive with a cell module in the breathalyzer itself, now how about that? This would make it a true blue “all-in-one” device, where it is able to wirelessly send breath test results and real time photos straight to a cloud-based monitoring website, all the while riding on Verizon’s Private Network.

The whole idea of the SLBLUE SL2 was mooted after the manufacturers saw a need for cost-effective remote alcohol monitoring which could be used outside of the US, or in places where no cell coverage is available. The SLBLUE SL2 will rely on Bluetooth connectivity to hook up to an iPhone or iPad, letting an individual rely on their current cell service or Wi-Fi connection to send test results from anywhere in the world. How about that for convenience?

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