Click Arcade Button Watch brings back fond memories


click-arcade-watchNo matter what our current age is, there are certain “triggers” that we do come across from time to time that sends our memories reeling back to a particular point in the past. It could be a visual, a smell, or perhaps the texture of a particular item that set off said trigger. For nerds who are already rocking to their Sony PS4 and cannot wait for the Xbox One to show up on their doorsteps later next week, chances are this $59.99 Click Arcade Button Watch will jog your memory somewhat.

The unique design of this particular timepiece will definitely bring back fond memories, as it tells the time using a bright LED display while coming in a form factor which simply reminds you of the good old red button on old school arcade cabinets. Every single time that you take a look at the Click Arcade Button Watch you will be reminded of the feel as well as look of arcade game play buttons. Wearing this on your wrist should be an indicator that you ought to prepare yourself for your family and friends to constantly ask you just what time it is, reaching over to give it a touch to boot.

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