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hackshieldThe digital age might come with its fair share of convenient access as well as monetary transactions online, but just like how all coins have two sides to them, so too, are security issues a very real concern on the minds of many. Your credit card can be a target of fraud by syndicates, so why not take the necessary precautions to make sure that everything is in good order? This is what the $178.99 HackShield Backpack does, where it helps to secure all of your sensitive items while you are on the move.

How does the HackShield Backpack work? For starters, the HackShield Backpack will feature RFID-blocking fabric that will go some way in helping you protect your personal information. It is capable of handling majority of laptops that are sized 15” or smaller, so you know that you won’t be able to cram in that desktop replacement gaming laptop. Bear in mind that whenever your notebook is closed, it is still capable of transmitting and receiving information, which could happen without your permission. Both smartphones and tablets, too, can be accessed in sleep mode as well, while RFID-chipped IDs and credit cards remain vulnerable to radio frequency-based transmissions. The radio frequency-blocking pockets will make sure your personal data remains safe and sound wherever you go.

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