Kisai Console Wood LED Watch is like a sci-fi control panel

Kisai Console Wood Watch
Your imagination is a most wonderful thing. When we were little kids, we could turn a stick into a sword, airplane, companion, and more. Sadly, we grow up being taught that creativity can only get you so far, and that it needs to be put on the back burner. Many people lose the ability to think outside the box, because most jobs don’t encourage you to do so. In fact, most of the time that sort of behavior is looked upon poorly either by your superiors or coworkers for showing them up.

Well, life’s no fun without a bit of change in the status quo. If you like bending the rules a bit, but don’t want to land yourself in trouble, your creative side is going to have to try and run parallel with the rest of your life. That goes hand in hand with looking the part of a professional. While there’s often not much you can do about the suit and tie type of dress code, you can always stand out a little bit with an imaginative time piece. If you want to make your mark, the TokyoFlash Kisai Console Wood LED Watch is definitely going to help you do it.

The wooden links and casing give is a classic feel, but the face of the watch makes it look like a science fiction control panel. It has a section for every hour, five minute intervals, and four sections to indicate exact minute. Once you realize how to read it, it’s quite simple. At a glance however, it looks like some sort of futuristic technology. This will cost you around $109, and comes in either a dark sandalwood with blue or green LED back lighting, or red sandalwood with green.  One charge should have you up and running for about a month, but you can charge it whenever you see fit.

Available on TokyoFlash