Multifunction Emergency Hammer can save you from a sticky situation


Multifunction Hammer
The thought of crashing your car is a pretty scary one. What’s worse is being trapped inside of your car after a collision. Power windows don’t know when you’ve been in a wreck, and aren’t easy to get down if you’re stuck in the vehicle. The only option would be to bust out the window, but those things are made to last.

You’re going to need something with a sharp point that can withstand impact, and if you’re not careful you might not be prepared. Instead of keeping a crow bar or something equally large and destructive near the front end of the car, why not go for something smaller? The Multifunction Emergency Hammer will allow you to break a window if need be, and much more.  It can bust out windows, cut seat belts, act as a phone charger, light source, radio, and a siren. You can face pretty much any situation with all that, including any apocalypse the fates can conjure.

There’s nothing scarier than being caught unprepared in an emergency situation, and things like this will give you peace of mind, and an option out of a bad spot. It is powered by hand crank, and three minutes of cranking will provide you 20 minutes of light, 40 minutes of radio, and 30 minutes of standby phone time. One of these will only cost around $30, and could save your life.

Available via chinavision, found via redferret

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