WowWee introduces RoboMe for the holiday season

robomeHave you ever wondered just how much trouble a parent has to go through in order to figure out just what to get for their little ones each year at Christmas? Not only that, it would not be nice to purchase the same old thing every single year, which means one will need to be extremely creative when it comes to getting the latest gifts. It is basically big business during the holiday season with gift giving approaching a natural peak, and the folks over at WowWee are all geared up for the occasion by introducing the RoboMe, a toy that allows you to “robo-fy” yourself.

WowWee has had some hits in the past such as the Robosapien and the Roboraptor, where RoboMe will now be the latest addition that fuses both personality and technology. In a nutshell, RoboMe is a completely customizable robotic avatar that will fall back on your iPhone or iPod touch to make it all the more interactive.

Just what kind of features does the RoboMe pack? For starters, it will be fully programmable, where it will boast of fun customizable faces and personalities. Not only that, it will also be able to perform remote visual telepresence, meaning whatever he “sees”, you too, will see the same thing. Sorta like a webcam on wheels if you ask me. Apart from that, RoboMe is able to autonomously roam and navigate through its environment, with the added ability to understand vocal commands.

As the RoboMe’s owner, you will also be able to have its sensor reactions customized, where it operates as a full-functioned R/C robot right out of the box. If you are interested in picking up the RoboMe for your kid (and who knows, for yourself as well?), it will be available at Toys “R” Us stores nationwide and online, retailing for $99.99 a pop, targeting kids that are aged 8 and older.

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