CES Unveiled – a Preview of Things to Come


Today I’m off to the Consumer Electronics Show kick-off event in New York City. Designed to offer up a sneak peek at some of the years most innovative products in the technology arena. A full 2 months before the CES main event to be held in Las Vegas, CES Unveiled will shine the spotlight on some of the latest and greatest tech products, and award winning innovations that might just be making their way to a store near you.

From products designed to simply help you take better social media pictures, and cases set up to conveniently store your ear buds, to high tech keyboards, amazing games and an awesome sounding new portable, wireless speaker system from Korus, that DOESN’T use bluetooth or wireless, has amazing range, and is literally plug and play. Watch for a review coming later this week!

CES has a long history of introducing the world to some of our most exciting technologies. In 1970, CES was the first to showcase the video cassette recorder, and 1981 gave us the first CD player, with a myriad of innovations before and after,  I’m more than excited to see what the future has in store for us now.

Rest assured I’ll be checking out some of the “Coolest-Gadgets” I can find, and tell you everything you need to know, including purchasing and real time availability information. So check back soon, for some high tech stuff you could only dream about…until now.