Turtle Beach announces iSeries media headsets

turtle-beach-i30When it comes to audio brands, there is one particular name that stands out above the rest for some people, and Turtle Beach would be one of them. The name Turtle Beach has long been synonymous with high quality audio devices, and this time around the company has announced their spanking new iSeries range of high end media headsets. The iSeries will arrive in the form of the wireless surround sound i60 and the wireless amplified stereo i30, where these would no doubt be the first headsets that have been specially constructed for use with both Mac and iOS products. The iSeries headsets themselves will arrive with a bunch of innovations that Turtle Beach originally introduced to gaming headsets but so happen to be new for mobile users. Hopefully, with a little bit of something for everyone, folks will be satisfied.

Some of the new features introduced to gaming headsets that mobile users would fall in love with include improved chat and voice call quality as well as an unmatched level of control over audio. Regardless of whether you settle for the i60 or the i30, they will both share the same unique design which blends style, quality, comfort and durability, while boasting premium finishes, where among them include a leather headband and leather-covered memory foam, noise-isolating ear cups.

The two headsets will also be accompanied by a built-in remote which plays nice with the iPhone, iPad and the Mac. They will come with innovative dual boom-less microphones which will hopefully, deliver clear, high-quality audio during chat, voice calling and use with Siri.

Of course, the i60 will be the flagship model, where it features a control unit for use with Mac desktops and laptops that deliver fingertip audio and preset control. Turtle Beach does have some pretty high hopes that the i60 will also be the first wireless headset for the Mac platform that boasts of 7.1 DTS surround sound with adjustable speaker angles and EQ presets, a fully programmable digital signal processor (DSP), dual-band Wi-Fi for uncompressed, interference free wireless audio and dual-pairing Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Those who are interested can pick up the i60 and the i30 for $399.99 and $299.99, respectively.

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