Tub Spot Cover with will show you the water temperature for bath time


Tub Spout Cover
Getting home from a long day out and about warrants a nice hot bath. Maybe you like soaking in aromatic bath salts, or being surrounded by bubbles. Either way, neither really matter if the water is freezing. Knowing your optimal bath water temperature can be hard, as you don’t want to boil yourself alive, but also don’t want to sit in lukewarm water after five minutes.

There is a perfect temperature to run the water at, but you’ll have to find out what it is first. Unless you want to sit there with a thermometer, you might want to look into the Tub Spout Cover that digitally displays the water temperature. This is about as straightforward as it gets, but it nice for those of you that take your bath time seriously. We all know how annoying it can be to turn and twist the knobs ever so slightly back and forth, being unable to find the right degree.

While this is mainly meant to make lives easier for parents with kids, it will save you from scalding your hand when trying to test the water. This will fit on most faucets, is resistant to mildew, and will keep you from scraping against the spout. While it’s supposed to go in a place that is meant for becoming clean, if it gets dirty, it is easy to remove. One of these will cost you only $30, but you will need to keep 3 AAA batteries in it.

Available on Amazon, found via OhGizmo

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