JackPen makes sure you can doodle whenever you want


It’s sad to say, but writing utensils are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Everything is becoming more and more digitally based, and we just don’t need a pencil or pen handy any more. Of course, you can’t really know when inspiration for a new doodle is going to strike. While you may not want to carry around a pen in your pocket, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one on you without having it be obtrusive.

The Jackpen will make sure you can jot down a note or start a new drawing at any time. This is a teeny, tiny pen that literally plugs in the the headphone jack of your smartphone. You can store it by plugging it in upside down. These are merely simple ball point pens, but they are wonderfully convenient.

Not only will they let you write to your heart’s desire, but they will also keep dust out of the jack. They come in a variety of color combinations, and are three to a pack. They cost around $7 for a set, which seems pretty expensive. Especially when you think about how much ink is in one of these. While the instructions say to put it in the jack and to write with your smartphone, it might be a bit awkward and painful for your hand over time. Even if you take it out completely, it will almost be too tiny to get a hold on. It could be useful, but it will be kind of annoying.

Available for purchase on Jackpen, found via technabob

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