Premium DIY Gramophone Kit delivers audio playback in an old school style


premium-diy-microphoneIf you happen to be someone who has a great love of all things DIY, and cannot wait for the weekend to arrive so that you will be able to tinker with whatever new toys that you have already purchased, then you would definitely look forward to the $79.99 Premium DIY Gramophone Kit. This puppy is a classy DIY kit that allows you to make your very own gramophone. Not only does it play records, it will also enable you to record them, now how about that for added value?

Needless to say, the Premium DIY Gramophone Kit would look perfectly fine on your desk or shelf, and therein lies its secret – the stylus. You are able to make use of the bamboo stylus in order to play records (and even more interestingly, you will also cut that stylus all by yourself), or you can also use the metal stylus in order to record (or cut) your own records. Other features of the Premium DIY Gramophone Kit will also feature a variable speed control, allowing it to handle the likes of SPs, EPs, and LPs without batting an eyelid. If you have any unwanted CDs around, the Premium DIY Gramophone Kit would be the ideal tool to have.

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