Digitools Paint Pack could be a big stepping stone for little artists


Digitools Paint Pack
Art is a very prevalent part of our lives. We may not realize it, but every advertisement we see is the artistic work of someone in the world. While school places more emphasis on being well-learned in math, literature, and the sciences, being able to express yourself creatively is extremely important, as there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to play music or draw and feeling like you don’t know where to start.

As kids we started out with crayons and paper, but that’s a lot for parents to tote around nowadays. While we don’t want children to chew on or break a tablet, it’s almost impossible to play with what looks like a toy to them without letting them have a go at it. Since you’re already carrying that with you, why not have an app that will help foster an artistic side for your tiny tot? The Digitools Paint Pack will give little ones all they need to get on their way to using paints and markers.

This includes a digital paint brush that will give an effect that looks similar to actual brush strokes, a digital airbrush, paint roller, stamper, and carrying case. It’s far less of a mess than getting out the markers or crayons and hoping they don’t decide to try and eat them or draw on the walls. This is a $40 pack that will allow you to gauge whether or not your child has some artistic interest without putting in the investment into art supplies. That way letting them move to actual mediums will seem like a step up rather than a challenge.

Available via Crayola.

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