Baladeo 52G Pocket Cutlery Set has all that you need


baladeoIf you happen to be someone who loves tinkering around with stuff, and have amassed quite a collection of Swiss Army Knives over the years, then you would definitely fall in love with the $59.99 Baladeo 52G Pocket Cutlery Set. Why do I say this? That is because it has just about everything that you need whenever the dinner bell rings, and you go off to satiate that hunger of yours. The Baladeo 52G Pocket Cutlery Set can be said to be more or less “complete”, as all the utensils within it have been forged from 420 stainless steel for that added mark of quality.

This is an ultralight cutlery set which will feature five functions that have been wrapped up into a single small, good looking package. You will find a spoon, fork, knife, can opener, and bottle opener within, where all of the pieces will fold and lock together in order to be carried in its mesh carrying case. You can also open it up with a few steps so that it would function as a cutlery set. Best of all is, it has been specially made for travel purposes, so you can ensure that it will be temperature resistant (within reasonable limits, I am quite sure that even it is unable to withstand the fires of Mount Doom when tossed there).

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