Marshall Minor FX In-Ear Headphones offers quality audio without being obvious


marshall-minorI know that I have mentioned before that wearing a pair of over-ear headphones is a surefire way of telling the world to leave you alone, you might not want to be too much of an introvert, which is why you can always wear a pair of in-ear headphones that offer a similar function, but it looks a whole lot less obvious and far more discreet. Of course, quality audio being pumped out through the in-ear headphones is another thing to take into consideration, and this is where the $64.99 Marshall Minor FX In-Ear Headphones come in handy.

Arriving in classic Marshall technology and styling, you will be able to choose from both black and white shades, giving you the privacy of rocking out on your own in style. Marshall has thrown in EarClick technology which will basically ensure the ear pad rests on your outer ear for additional comfort, while you will still be able to retain the ability to hear just what is going on around you should as a safety measure. Cranking it up is not an issue either, as these are able to go all the way to 11, now how about that? Each purchase will also be accompanied by a quartet of sets of interchangeable, silicone ear pads for a customized fit.

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