BearTek Gloves offers a new way to interact with your devices

beartek-glovesWhen we talk about wearable technology these days, most of the time, we would think of Google Glass as well as other kinds of wearable headsets. Well, the BearTek Gloves certainly brings something different to the wearable technology scene, and although it is not as glamorous as a pair of Google Glass, it is still packed with enough wireless connectivity to make you wish you had one underneath the Christmas tree later this December. Ready to arrive in time for consumers to own one this coming 2013 holiday season, the BearTek Gloves is a new and unique wearable technology gift for those who love the great outdoors as well as indulge in action sports, as it assures them an intuitive single hand control of their portable devices without compromising on safety.

The BearTek Gloves are luxury class gloves which were specially designed for motorcycle, ski and snowboard enthusiasts, in addition to those who happen to be outdoors most of the time in the winter months, all without hindering their ability to remain connected to their phone, music media, and action camera devices. Boasting built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as other wireless technologies, those who slip on a pair of BearTek Gloves will gain instant connectivity in the glove fingertips. This connectivity lets one control their phone, music and additional media devices such as GoPro cameras, all without having to perform the physical act of touching them. An innovative design would relieve the issue that outdoor enthusiasts have suffered from for a long time, that is, to take out their mobile device and remove their gloves so that they can attend to an incoming call, or to operate their GoPro camera.

How does the BearTek Gloves work? Well, the answer is pretty simple – all you need to do is tap the thumb to different finger touchpads that are embedded along the sides of the fingers, and it will send a signal to the media device that it is already tucked away safe and sound. Available in numerous kits, the snow glove kits will retail for $250 a pop, while motorcycle enthusiasts can pick up the motorcycle glove for $275, with the winter classic glove being the most affordable of the lot, retailing for $225 each. All kits will come with the selection of a Bluetooth or a GoPro camera sync module, and it will feature a shade of black with silver trim accents. Sizes range from small through XXL, so there should be something for everyone.

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