See.Sense bike light helps make it safer for cyclists


seesenseCycling is no doubt a healthy habit and a kind of exercise which is gaining popularity in many cities around the world. It has also been touted to be one way in reducing massive traffic gridlocks as cities which were built a long time ago did not anticipate the massive growth in population, so much so that the fast growing number of cars and SUVs have contributed their fair share of traffic jams. Well, if you love cycling, that is fine and dandy, but do make sure that you have the adequate amount of protection as you can never tell just what the future might bring. Increasing your visibility at night or in low light conditions are also important, which is why the See.Sense bike light might be a useful addition to your arsenal of cycling devices.

The See.Sense is said to be able to improve your visibility when you need it most, as it does not only flash, but does so in a smart way. The See.Sense bike light is not just something that you decide to add on as an afterthought to your two wheeler, but it works in a way in your favor to make you a whole lot more visible whenever you need it the most. This is made possible as See.Sense Relies on advanced, patent-pending sensor technology which will monitor you, your bicycle and your environment, allowing it to detect situations when you might not be seen by other road users.

There are various examples of a situation where See.Sense might just be able to detect when you are at a road junction, filtering in urban traffic, on a roundabout, travelling in low light areas such as under an overpass or in a road tunnel, or approached by a car with headlights on. In such circumstances, See.Sense will automatically increase its brightness and flash rate so that you are a whole lot more visible to other road users.

There are two models available, a normal one and an “Intense” model. Runtime has been rated at approximately a dozen hours, depending on how heavy your usage is. It is right now a Kickstarter project which we hope to see it become reality in due time.

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