Secret Agent Projection Alarm Clock – a good spy is never late



Waking up in the morning means trudging to the shower and hoping we have enough time to sit down and eat breakfast before we leave the house. Our most hated enemy, that we are simultaneously glad is in existence is our alarm clock. There are some that turn on a light to slowly ease you from sleep, and others that blare screeching sounds at your until you throw it across the room.

Of course, as these are merely two ends of the spectrum, what lies in between? That would be the Secret Agent Projection Alarm Clock. This is an alarm that you slip under your pillow, and will vibrate to wake you up. Once you pick it up and pull the trigger, it will shine the time on whatever wall you point it at in bright, red LEDs.

First off, I can’t imagine it would be terribly comfortable to shove a piece of plastic under your pillow. Not to mention that it would be panic inducing to have something shake your head awake every morning. I don’t know about you, but I’m groggy enough at first light, and don’t need excessive movement startling me out of a dream. Secondly, the last thing you want is a sudden burst of light when your eyes are adjusting to being open again, and one badly-pointed pull of a trigger is all it will take. If this sounds appealing to you, it will cost you around $25. I will note that while it may be portable, you will definitely not want to fly with this.

Available for purchase at ThinkGeek

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