Marshall Hanwell Hi-Fi Speaker delivers that classic rock sound


marshall-hanwellA good pair of speakers are always more than welcome to any living room, especially if you are a huge lover of music. After all, music is food for the soul, where it is capable of elevating your emotions whenever you are down, or rousing your inner spirit to deliver courage and face whatever potential dangers and pitfalls that come your way. Well, for some much needed quality audio pumping through a compatible player, the $599.99 Marshall Hanwell Hi-Fi Speaker might just fit the bill perfectly.

This particular Marshall Hanwell Hi-Fi Speaker is extra special, since it comes branded with a numbered 50th Anniversary Edition commemorative badge apart from the standard capability of delivering quality audio, of course. One thing is for sure – if you are someone who loves to live out a wireless lifestyle, then the Marshall Hanwell is not the Hi-Fi speaker for you, as it caters for this particular group that cares more about quality sound than about losing the wires. These are not exactly the most portable speakers in the world, either, since it tips the scales at a whopping 23 lbs., but when your ears greet the sound, you know for sure that it is well worth the effort in dropping some serious coin for it. You can now have the classic rock Marshall concert experience in your living room with the room-filling audio capable Marshall Hanwell Hi-Fi Speaker. To roll back the years even more, it comes with analog controls for volume, bass and treble in addition to a classic power switch.

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