iPin Laser Presenter makes its way to North America


ipin-laserI am not quite sure about you, but when it comes to making a presentation, there are some essential tools that one will have to take into consideration. One, you will need to make sure that the venue has a projector which is bright enough to ensure everyone in the presentation hall will be able to get a good look at what you are trying to convey to them, and two, a laser presenter which makes it a whole lot easier to point out certain areas on the presentation screen to the audience. Just like how not all headphones are created equal, you have the award winning iPin laser presenter which will be able to turn your iPhone into a professional laser presenter.

The iPin laser presenter hails from Conary Enterprise, and it has already picked up its fair share of accolades in the past including the COMPUTEX 2013 d&i Gold Award. Good to know that it has finally made its way to the folks over in North America, so if you know that you have this particular presentation that you want to make to win a multi-million contract for your company, but are hoping that the right tool comes along to complete the picture, the iPin laser presenter would do the trick.

The iPin is a small, iPhone-powered laser pointer and presenter which will be accompanied by its own slide-controlling app. This is one delicately designed device which transforms your iPhone into a professional presentation system, where it takes just seconds to do so. Of course, if you are an avid Android fan, you will just have to sit this puppy out since it caters for the iPhone market only at this point in time.

The iPin would be placed nearly flush with the phone surface, and it can be turned on and off with but a simple twist. Needless to say, when it is turned off, it will not interfere with normal phone operations, making this the ideal tool for those who run plenty of presentations for a living.

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