The Aero-Tray will make long flights a bit more cozy


There is only one place on a plane where you can get a lot of leg room and space to set down all of your stuff. The only problem is that first class is super expensive, and if you travel often the cost can drain your savings in no time. While you’re on the move, work never really stops and being in the quiet space of an airplane is a great place to focus and draft some messages or reorganize things on your laptop.

You’ll still be fighting for space of course, but hey, it’s better than trying to nap, right? Well, it would be easier if you had a designated work station right at your seat. This is what the Aero-Tray is hoping to do for all of you jet-setters out there. This is a travel accessory that you put on top of the fold-down tray on the seat back in front of you when you fly. It gives you a place for all the essentials, even if the person in front of you decided they want to recline their seat.

This can pretty much be whatever you want. It can set your laptop flat or angled, depending on your situation, and it can be folded into two tiers so you have a place to put your snacks. There’s also a cup holder, so you don’t have to worry about your glass knocking over whenever you get a drink and have something else on your tray. This will cost you around $65, and it is extremely portable as it weighs next to nothing, and collapses flat.

Crowdfunding available at Kickstarter

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Gerry Says: October 30, 2013 at 4:02 am

Excellent idea – just hope the person in front doesn’t put their seat back! 🙂

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