Pop-Up Snowman flips the bird to the weather channel


pop-in-snowmanI don’t know about you, but don’t you think that the weather channel is more or less obsolete these days? I know that I have not relied on the weather report for more than a decade or two already, but perhaps it is just me, as I have yet to perform a survey to figure out whether the weather channel is relevant or not. During winter, kids would always love to hear that school is closed because too much snow has fallen over the night – which translates to having a round of snowball fights and perhaps spending some family time building a snowman with dad and mom.

With the $159.99 Pop-Up Snowman, however, you need not rely on the fickle weather in order for you to bond with your kids in building a snowman. You can now have an instant snowman appear with the swipe of a credit card, even if it is in the middle of summer. This jolly snwman takes just minutes to set up, and he will never melt either, no matter how high the mercury goes up eventually. Not only that, the Pop-Up Snowman is massive to toddlers and small ones, as he stands at more than 5 feet in height with 100 white LEDs lighting him up, as power is supplied via a 9 foot long cord. Made out of weather-resistant PVC, it can be folded flat for easy storage.

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