HotLogic Mini – Your New Desktop Oven



Yes, we all know there are quite a few advantages to bringing your own lunch to work. Not only is it much more economical and time saving, it’s likely to be a much healthier option than you’ll get at your local fast food joint. I don’t usually mind brown bagging a lunch, but sometimes I enjoy a nice hot meal and unfortunately the communal microwave oven isn’t always the most appealing (or sanitary) option.

Check out HotLogic’s Mini, a fully automatic, personal and portable electric oven designed to let you cook, or simply reheat your food right on your desktop, or almost anywhere you have a power source. The HotLogic Mini is a quality, aluminum lined, super insulated tote with convenient carrying handles, a heating platform and a universal 110v AC power cord.

Designed to hold a container up to 8.75″W x 6.75″L x 2.5″H and able to get your lunchtime treats up to approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit so you’ll never have to eat cold chicken out of a Ziploc bag again. HotLogic uses a slow cooking method and because the heating container is closed, you can bring your food to temperature and then keep it warm, and deliciously moist, for hours.

The HotLogic comes in blue, black, yellow or orange and enables you to use any flat-bottomed, sealed-top container, including metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, or ceramic and you can get yours at for under 45 bucks. So go ahead, start eating healthy, and skip the line at the drive-thru!

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