Turntable Kitchen Timer helps you crank up some mean tasting dishes

turntable-kitchen-timerSome of us are born with the natural ability to be able to whip up a dish in the kitchen that is fit for a king, never mind that the amount of ingredients available to us are but just meager pickings. Well, others are not all that good in the kitchen, and will need the help of some tools to make sure that every dish turns out just about right. A kitchen timer is essential then, if you are going to keep track of plenty of things, so why not play it differently with the $13.99 Turntable Kitchen Timer?

This is one DJ-themed analog timer that is a snap to use. To set the amount of time you want it to count down to, just spin the white arrow on the record to the desired time. It is a whole lot more easy compared to scratching a track and trying to get everyone else on the dance floor to feel your vibe, that is for sure. This is a 60-minute timer, and there are no batteries required to power this puppy. It is about as old school as it can get, and yet gets the job done to make sure that you know when is the right time to remove the turkey from the oven.