Electronic Dictionary Bookmark kisses goodbye to dog eared pages

electronic-bookmarkI would dare to venture and say that when it comes to those who read books and magazines, this particular crowd can be divided into two – the first who absolutely love all their books, that they loathe to loan it out to others, while the second group would not mind sharing the same book all around, and think that books should be read well – which means folding “dog ears” to mark the position where you have stopped reading to return to later. Bookmarks are for the weak! Well, the £19.95 Electronic Dictionary Bookmark might give you something else to think about for sure.

Not only are you sure that you know where was the last time that you have stopped reading that particular book, the Electronic Dictionary Bookmark holds one very distinct advantage – as its name suggests, it will also come with a built-in dictionary so that you will be able to check out right there and then a particular word that has confounded your brain. It is actually the Collins English dictionary that features 38,0000 definitions, which has been specially condensed into a sleek and slender gadget.