Eagle Putt Trainer helps you improve your golf game at home

eagle-putt-trainerIf you are an avid golfer, then I am quite sure that you would go great lengths to ensure that you will be able to improve your game. Watching videos, reading books and magazines, and even hitting the green more often than your golfing buddies will all go some way in assisting you to better yourself. Well, when it is pouring cats and dogs outside and you are itching to practice your golf, here is the $229.95 Eagle Putt Trainer that might come in handy.

The Eagle Putt Trainer happens to be an indoor putting trainer which will be able to help hone distance control on putts up to 45′ long. As a golfer, you will putt balls along the 5′-long practice green to an electronic bumper. This electronic bumper has the ability to measure force, calculate the true distance of each putt, as well as display the distance on its LED screen. Thanks to the integrated digital stimpmeter, it will adjust the putt distance readings to simulate slow (8.2), medium (9.8), or fast (11.5) greens, depending on your earlier selection. The ball itself will be automatically returned to the golfer, so that you will only spend the necessary time required to compose yourself and visualize making that prize winning putt.