Sound Splash Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker makes sure bath times are more fun


soundsplashCan you say that the world is divided into two different segments? For starters, one side of the world loves to sing in the bathroom, while the other prefers the peace and quiet of the accompanying running water, or simply to soak in the bliss of a bath. If you happen to be part of the former, then you might be interested in checking out the $49.99 Sound Splash Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker.

The name of the Sound Splash Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker pretty much gives the game away, as it is capable of streaming music wirelessly from any Bluetooth music player, in addition to answering phone calls sans wires from any Bluetooth smartphone. Sing to your heart’s content, with music playing in the background so that your out-of-tune voice will not sound that bad as there is some decent backup (read: the original artist) to help you out here. The Sound Splash Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker will basically play nice with all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices, and that would mean iOS and Android powered smartphones and tablets amongst others.

It does have a range of up to 60 feet while paired, and will feature level IPX4 waterproof: protection against splashing water from any angle. The internal battery can be recharged, and offers up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge.

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