Bitlock – Keyless Entry for your Bike!



Bikes are such a convenient means of travel, most especially in the city. You see them locked, and chained to every pole, post and tree in almost every city in the world, and I guess that in this day and age, locks are a necessity. I’d like to see something a little more convenient, I mean, my car practically unlocks itself, why not my bike?

Well, check out Bitlock, a cool, new, rather futuristic lock that can actually be opened via your smartphone and its associated iPhone or Android app. Of course now that we have smartphones involved, the Bitlock can offer other nifty features, like a GPS tracker or even a statistics monitor that can record miles biked, calories burned, or even how much CO2 emission was avoided because you opted to ride your bike rather than take out the SUV.

The convenience of the Bitlock doesn’t stop there, the App also let’s you set up a bike-share system with friends, classmates or family, giving them the ability to find the bike, and gain access to it, at will. (as long as whoever has administrative control has authorized it) BitLock is made of heat treated, and specially reinforced steel, and the battery touts the ability to achieve 10,000 lock/unlock operations over the course of 5 years or so, before it needs to be replaced.

I liked Bitlock until I thought about having my phone stolen instead of my bike! No problems! The BitLock app can generate a 16 digit binary code for you when you register the lock, just write it down and keep it handy so if your phone is lost, stolen or dies, simply punch in the code  to authenticate yourself and presto! The bike is yours.

Bitlock is expected to retail for around 140 bucks, but if you pre-prder via their crowd funding campaign you can have one for right around $100. So head on over to for offers, and a lot more information.

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