Shredder Scissors are perfect for those who love busy-work


Scissor Shredder
There are times at work where you wish you had something to do. You can only organize your desk or go to the bathroom so many times, and if you work ahead, you’ll only be facing the same problem in a day or two. Sometimes you just want some meaningless, arduous task to keep you occupied until more work crops up. Just so it’s stated, checking Facebook does not count.

Shredding documents seems to be a normal thing to do around an office space. However, with all those new-fangled machines, the job is done in the blink of an eye. This only means that you’ll have to trudge back to your desk sooner with no hopes of an escape. If you really want to stretch out this process, get a pair of Shredding Scissors.

This is extremely cheap at around $8, and will shred paper the same way its electric counterpart would. The major difference being that you have to operate the pair of scissors, which will likely give you cramps in your arm. It’s made of metal, but that’s not going to stop this from getting jammed up, or having the blades bend. Honestly, this is a terrible idea, but would definitely eat up a lot of your free time at work. Mainly because those little uneven shreds you create will get everywhere, and you’ll spend weeks, if not months trying to find them all.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via thisiswhyimbroke

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