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Pyle Audio introduces a new Hi-Speed HD Camera


When you have a company that goes by the name of “Pyle Audio”, you would think that they would concentrate a whole lot on audio products only, without branching out to other products. Well, we have news for you – Pyle Audio has just announced that they are rolling out the new Hi-Speed HD Camera/Camcorder (aka PSCHD60 if model numbers are your cup of tea), where this would be the perfect companion for action sports enthusiasts who want to make sure that every single hairpin turn is recorded for posterity. Apart from that, it also lets one share their hi-resolution photos and videos with both family and friends. The Hi-Speed HD Camera/Camcorder from Pyle will arrive in black, blue, grey, red and silver shades for $99.99 a pop if you are interested.

 Pyle Audio ensures that every single action-packed detail is captured, where this is made possible thanks to a 12-megapixel sensor, where it will arrive complete with CMOS image sensor technology. Capable of recording video at 120 frames-per-second, this camera/camcorder will also be able to produce hi-speed, high-quality videos that are fit for any video production.

Other features of the Pyle Audio Hi-Speed HD Camera include 4X zoom and an invertible screen display, where it will be via a 2.5” LCD touchscreen display. The camera itself can also be operated remotely via a Wi-Fi remote control, letting you shoot photos as well as record videos sans wires.

Apart from that, this highly versatile Hi-Speed Camera/Camcorder will also arrive with a range of accessories, where among them include a waterproof case, multiple mounts and clips, which would pave the way for this compact camera to be mounted to bike handlebars, armbands, helmets, and snorkel masks, among others. Boasting a two-hour Lithium rechargeable battery, the included USB or car charging cables would ensure that you are always ready to meet any action-packed adventure head on.

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GadsNGifs Says: October 21, 2013 at 9:57 am

I can see the huge competition between action cameras. There are many of them out there, but GoPro seems to have the upper hand in video quality in my opinion. When the Contour, Drift HD, Sony Action Cam and now Plyte all come into the scene, it becomes very difficult to choose which camera best suits the need for action. I could almost barely tell the different between all of them, just a few specs with slight number differences and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capabilities. I think it is more of the brand names that define their prices rather than their hardware capabilities. Who knows what the next company will bring for the next powerful action camera.

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