Soundmatters announces DASH7 Bluetooth speaker that is ultra thin


soundmatters-dash7When it comes to high quality portable speakers, there are many names out there in the market. The thing is, the selection process can be rather tricky – so why not pick one from Soundmatters? The name of the company itself is pretty self-descriptive, as Soundmatters was founded by former NASA engineer/audio legend Dr. Godehard Guenther. Recently, they announced that they will be shipping what is deemed to be the world’s slimmest, lightest high-fidelity Bluetooth Speaker, simply known as the DASH7.

The Soundmatters DASH7 happens to come in the form of an extremely flat 0.75” high wireless pocket-portable Bluetooth soundbar as well as speakerphone which will deliver huge omnidirectional sound despite coming in a thin size which will slide into the slimmest purse or jacket pocket. Is this the world’s best travel speaker? That remains to be seen, but frequent travelers who have given all sorts of different portable Bluetooth speakers a go in the past might want to check out the Soundmatters DASH7 and share their opinion on it.

Apart from that, the DASH7 will also feature a 5th generation twoofer and BassBattery for true hi-fi sound, where it is accompanied by an angled stand for direct on-axis high resolution music, which results in a great soundstage with the best stereo separation for serious music listeners. You will be able to pick it up in a choice of three colors – Vibrant Red, Arctic White, and Midnight Black.

The omnidirectional sound that it offers makes it ideal for watching movies or music videos, and it will also include a combo case and stand. The angled stand also offers even higher resolution on-axis listening, while there is a noise cancelling speakerphone that will allow you to answer incoming phone calls even while you are listening to music or movies. The asking price for the Soundmatters DASH7 stands at $249 a pop.

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Mirela S Says: October 21, 2013 at 5:09 am

Looks like a very useful little gadget that can fit anywhere and can be easily handled by its user. Also the new features look like the quality of the sound will be highly improved.

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