TapTap wristband helps you keep in touch with your loved ones


taptap-wristbandHave you heard of Woodenshark before? Well, here is a little bit of background information on them – they happen to be the creators of the TV ambient light system Lightpack, and have announced the launch of yet another Kickstarter campaign which will see the potential funding of TapTap by the masses. TapTap will come across as a wristband that was specially designed in order for one to keep in touch with your significant across a long distance.

How does TapTap work? For starters, TapTap will be able to sense your “taps”, where it will then instantly transmit them to the paired wristband that is worn by your other half. It does not matter how far away they are, even if they are separated by 10 time zones, they will still be able to experience a vibration when you tap on your TapTap. In a nutshell, the TapTap would be able to open up endless possibilities that will be able to see the creation of special signals that might go some ways to enrich your long-distance relationship.

TapTap also takes pride in its deliberate rejection of integration with social networks, which is something that is slightly different from what we have experienced these days. All communications are fully encrypted between paired TapTaps, so none of the information will be stashed away where someone else will be able to retrieve it later on.

Developers who are interested in the TapTap will be able to use open SDK and built-in sensors in order to create apps for TapTap, where among them include smart alarms, activity trackers and gesture controllers for gaming purposes. Some of the other apps such as RunKeeper are also supported out of the box. The TapTaps will obviously be sold in pairs for $130 per set, and can be delivered separately according to the color of your choice.

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